October 9, 2015
by Alex Karei
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Wake Me Up When September Ends

Annnnd apparently it did — who knew? My month went so quickly, but it was full of good times. Some of it I had intended to blog about in more detail, but between actually doing those things, working, extracurriculars … it didn’t happen. Since October is bound to be as fun-filled, seems it might be easiest to update everyone on life in photo-dump format. Continue Reading →


October 7, 2015
by Alex Karei
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Some Minneapolis Eats {Hell’s Kitchen + Surly Brewing}

I’m not inherently good at naming my restaurant review posts when I eat at more than one restaurant, I’ll be honest. It’s so much easier to name them when it’s one restaurant, you know? But, at the same time, I only ate a couple of things at both establishments, so it seemed a bit excessive to give each meal it’s own, individual post.

Actually, I wasn’t super worried about posting about this trip at all. We went so many places around town during this trip to celebrate my sister’s bachelorette party. The entire weekend was truly a blast, and the food was a small part of that.

But then, after scrolling through my iPhone a bit this week, I remembered just how tasty both of these small meals were. How could I not share? What kind of foodie would I be? So, here we are! Continue Reading →


September 25, 2015
by Alex Karei

Workouts of the Week #12: Feeling Pretty Buff

So it’s 4:30 on Friday, and while I had every intention of getting some homework done while sitting at Starbucks, I think that, first, I’ll write a post. I’ve got time to do homework yet this weekend, and I haven’t linked up with Katie in awhile, so, why not? (By the way, I did manage to read like, three pages of my textbook while waiting for pages to load. That counts for something, right?) Continue Reading →


September 15, 2015
by Alex Karei

Trying Something New: Rock Climbing at Climb Iowa

Last weekend, Phyll and I took his sister out to celebrate her birthday. One piece of that was a trip to the local rock climbing gym, Climb Iowa. Climb Iowa is a place I’ve been wanting to go for awhile, but kept putting off. I’m not sure why, but we just never seemed to get around to it. With a busy Saturday at home, we ended up going in during the late afternoon. Getting set up was super simple — no appointment needed. We signed a waiver, paid ($15 for a day pass + $4 to rent a harness) and then a staff member taught us how to use the auto-belay system. Continue Reading →


August 21, 2015
by Alex Karei
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Workouts of the Week #11: Consistency

Happy Friday all! How was your week? Mine was busy but nothing too out of the ordinary happened. I actually don’t feel like I have that much to report. I had pretty consistent workouts, and to be honest, kind of boring ones. It’s weeks like this where I have to remember that it’s not important to always go big, but to work consistently. I may not like consistency, but with consistency, the strength will come. Eventually. Continue Reading →


August 19, 2015
by Alex Karei

24 Hours in Omaha

A week ago (or two – but who’s counting?) we spent part of our weekend in Omaha, Nebraska. We had a family event on Sunday, so we decided that we’d get a hotel so we could make a mini vacation out of it. We stayed at the Holiday Inn downtown. I don’t normally mention hotels when it comes to travel — typically, we’re in them solely to sleep — but I was pretty impressed by the fitness center in this one. I mean, check this out! Continue Reading →


August 12, 2015
by Alex Karei

A Coffee Date

My brain is a little all over today. And of course, by today, I mean last night, because I always post my blogs the next morning when I write them at night (OCD much?). But really, it’s been that way for a few days, so I imagine that Wednesday morning will probably yield more of the same.

I was catching up on blogs Monday and ran across a blog from Mindy, a blend I met at Healthy Living Summit. She posted a blog in the newish “coffee date” format, and I thought it was fun. Plus, let’s be honest – I love coffee. Most people who know me will tell you that. Last, I kind of feel like chatting about a number of different things, so I thought I’d try this format out for today and see how I like it. Continue Reading →

Find a Place to Workout

August 4, 2015
by Alex Karei

Working Out While Traveling {Making it Work!}

It seems like I’ve traveled about every weekend for the last month. Looking at my calendar now, it’s not just my imagination — I’ve had one weekend that I’ve been entirely home in that time. That’s summer for you though; if you’re anything like us, you’re always going, going, going! It might seem a little crazy now, but I know that when it’s negative ten degrees and there’s three feet of snow on the ground (say it will never come!) I know I won’t regret all the weekends we spent traveling to see family and friends.  Continue Reading →

Summer Snackin'

July 29, 2015
by Alex Karei

Summer Snackin’: DETOUR Bar Giveaway

As a blogger, I get a decent amount of free swag. Mostly from companies that want me to try out their products and feature them on the blog. I don’t mind, especially when I find new-to-me foods that are the BOMB. One brand I got hooked up with a few years back was DETOUR. I started out trying the Neopolitan protein bars at Blend … Continue Reading →


July 24, 2015
by Alex Karei

Workouts of the Week: Goals & a New Crossfit Box

Happy Friday! Who else is ready for the weekend? I’ve had a pretty busy workweek, so I certainly am. I’m happy to say, however, that I’m almost a month into being able to get a solid 4-5 WODs in per week, which just makes me happy. Lots of lifting, lots of Metcons … and I’m finally starting to make friends at my new box! Although it’s not something that I’ve gone into too much yet, I did find myself a new crossfit box.

After trying out one other box, I decided on Crossfit Merle Hay, conveniently located less than five minutes from my new job and less than 10 minutes from my apartment. The workout style is very similar to what I had at Crossfit Primal, the coaches are great, and everyone was really, really welcoming. It’s a much busier box than my last one, but that’s not a bad thing — with more than one coach around during nearly every WOD, the level of assistance with my lifts has been super helpful. Crossfit Merle Hay is also nice because they foster more of an atmosphere that you can come in and lift or workout outside of your class time, as long as you don’t get in the way of others. I haven’t taken too much advantage of that yet, but I like that it’s an option. I wouldn’t say my last box wouldn’t let you do that, but it’s way more common at this box, which makes it more comfortable, in my opinion. Continue Reading →

Crab Cake Benedict at The Hutt

July 23, 2015
by Alex Karei

How to Spend a Long Weekend in Okoboji

Ah, vacation. Is there anything better? This weekend, Phyll and I took a long weekend to go to Okoboji, Iowa for a friend’s wedding. We decided to go up Friday morning to enjoy the day and then have some extra time on Saturday prior to the ceremony and reception. The whole weekend was a blast!

When we decided we were going to extend the trip, I started doing a little research online. But, I didn’t have a lot of luck looking for things to do and eat, and ended up getting my best tips from a local (the bride). I think that most people that visit go because their family has been going for years – or they grew up there – so they don’t need the guidance. But a newbie to the area? It was hard! So here’s a recap of our trip … from me, to you! Continue Reading →


July 16, 2015
by Alex Karei

Tips for Attending a Cinema-Restaurant

As you guys know, I love trying new things. Especially when that new thing is something that is easy to do on a Friday night, and involves a brewery. I call that a win-win. That’s why, when Flix Brewhouse opened up in Des Moines (more specifically, Urbandale) I was pretty pumped. Located in Merle Hay Mall, Flix Brewhouse is “America’s Cinema Brewery®“, a brewery-restaurant that just so happens to serve food in front of a giant screen.

We’ve been to the theater a couple of times now, and I’ve enjoyed each visit. Once, we went for the “whole experience” (dinner and beer) and once, we went for “dessert” (beer and popcorn). We haven’t tried their real dessert menu yet, though it looks awesome. All the food and beer has been really great. I’m not sure you can go wrong with what you order!  Continue Reading →

Does Crossfit Get Easier?

July 14, 2015
by Alex Karei

Does Crossfit Get Easier?

Dear Newbie,

I know what you want to know. It’s a question that I’ve heard from many first-timers to Crossfit – in those beginning weeks, when it just seems like everything is so hard. You’re sore all the time, you’re coming in last during WODs, the coach is constantly critiquing your form, and the barbell looks empty next to others doing the same WOD. It’s frustrating, and you feel like you’ll never be “as good” as everyone else.

Does Crossfit ever get easier?

I’ve seen plenty of newbies come and go from my box. But before you think about walking away, I really just want to say … Continue Reading →

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 11.05.25 PM

July 10, 2015
by Alex Karei

Workouts of the Week: Clang ‘N Bang

Lately, workouts have been a little all over the place, to be honest. When I was taking my class in June, I missed Mondays and Wednesdays of crossfit. Try as I might, trying to fit eight hours of work and three and a half hours of class just didn’t leave time to WOD. To be honest – I was pretty bummed. Mondays and Wednesdays are the days that my new box focuses on strength. So, until this week, I wasn’t able to throw around a barbell too much, beyond what’s in the WODs. And everyone knows that throwing the real heavy weight above your head is where the crossfit fun is. Am I right??? Continue Reading →

Sox Box

July 9, 2015
by Alex Karei

Currently: July!

Good day ladies & gents! How’s it going? It’s been a hot minute since my last post, but I’m happy to report I survived summer semester. Two days of 3+ hours in class a week, plus homework, makes for a pretty busy Alex. Not to mention starting up my new job, finding a new crossfit, and finally getting our apartment back from the wedding! Now that all that has wrapped, I plan to be posting more again. The break (I use that word loosely as I did have a couple posts in there) was actually kind of good for me, I think, because I learned to accept that I didn’t have to blog all the time to be happy. It sounds crazy, but you can get so wrapped up with a blog, that you forget who you were without it. That being said – I did really miss being in the “blog world” and I’m definitely happy to be back!

So in honor of July, everyone’s favorite “currently” post. Cause I haven’t been current on here for awhile – you know?
Continue Reading →