November 20, 2014
by Alex Meyer
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The “Diet” Debacle

What a nasty word, “diet”. But although it has negative connotations, it’s also, really, the only word to fully describe today’s topic. And that’s easy – what I’m eating.

In a little less than a week, I’ll be finished with another nutrition challenge at my crossfit box. We decided to do a month-long one prior to Thanksgiving, and although I wasn’t super excited with the idea at the time, I was having a lot of weird stomach things happening, and decided that cleaning up what I ate might just be just what my tummy needed. Before I knew it, I was getting my body fat measured, and I was “in”.

After the challenge I did in the spring, I had lapsed back into some old ways. I won’t say I regressed completely – the previous one-a-day soda situation was pretty under control, and I was knowledgeable about what I should, and shouldn’t, be eating. However, I wasn’t following what I knew, and I was eating not-so-good foods a little too often. A result of too much summer fun, I suppose. Continue Reading →


November 18, 2014
by Alex Meyer
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Can’t WOD Without It: Essential Crossfit Gear

I am such a gear snob. Every day, I haul my big ol’ gym bag to my box, stuffed to the brim with all my must-have goodies, to support the prescribed workout of the day (WOD). I learned a while ago that it’s tough for me to always take a close look at the movements that make up our WOD when I’m packing for the day (mostly because I go to crossfit straight from work, and therefore, pack the night before) so it’s smart to have everything with me that I think I might need.

With the holidays approaching, I thought the timing was appropriate to share my list of “must-haves” for crossfit. After all, you just might find the perfect thing on it to buy your number one crossfitter! Continue Reading →

Wearing little black dresses

November 4, 2014
by Alex Meyer

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You (Or, Right Here)

My class is finally winding town. I have one day of presentations, and one day of a final left, and I can’t tell you how ready I am to get that chunk of time in my life back. This semester has been crazy busy (thus the lack of blogs this month), and one of the things I’m looking forward to the much is getting back to being in touch on a more regular basis!

For today, here’s a teaser of what I’ve got cooking. I’ve had so many new ideas with no time to execute, so I just *can’t wait* to share these. Continue Reading →

to fuel birthday shenanigans

October 27, 2014
by Alex Meyer

Birthday PRs & Pizza

Hello? Hello out there!? Anybody home?!

Good morning all. I thought it was about time to sweep off these beautiful fall leaves and check in with all you crazy people. I can’t even believe that it’s practically the end of October! Things are moving quickly around my neck of the woods. I have three weeks left in my current grad school class, barely any additional wedding details planned, and somewhat of a social life that’s still hanging on. Things are, as usual, a little nuts round here. I won’t subject you to another picture of almonds to illustrate. That joke’s gone a bit stale, don’t you think?

Last Thursday I turned the big 2-6. (Yes yes, it’s not really big.) 26 was kind of a weird birthday for me. I told one of my friends I had never quite imagined myself at 26 – not when playing house as a little kid, or when imagining what an amazing, Sex-and-the-City life I’d have as a 20-something (hey, don’t judge me – I wanted to be a writer in NYC just like Carrie Bradshaw – complete with long curly hair – for quite awhile). But here I am, living in Des Moines, engaged to a wonderful fellow, and in general, enjoying every second of this crazy ride. So who knows what this year will bring? Other than a wedding, ‘natch. Continue Reading →

The Chief

October 10, 2014
by Alex Meyer

Workouts of the Week {Some new moves}

Probably more like one new move … but who’s counting? Workouts the past few weeks have been going pretty well. We’ve had a LOT of handstand push-ups, and though I’ve tried to get the kip down, I haven’t (yet) been successful. Being as stubborn as I am, I’m taking the time to use two abmats under my head and doing them strict. Which … ow. But yeah, that’s the way it is for now. At least I’m getting stronger! This week I did both a benchmark WOD, and a Hero WOD. A good week, if ya ask me. Only thing that would have made it better would have been some squats. Then it would have just been … *clutch*. Continue Reading →


October 6, 2014
by Alex Meyer

Is Crossfit Judgement Free? {My response to The Box Magazine’s cover disaster}

As you all know, there are a lot of things that I love about Crossfit. The WODs, the community, and the gains I’ve made in fitness are just a few. But one thing that I haven’t shared on this blog about my love for Crossfit, is the body confidence that has come from it. I know that I’m not the only Crossfitter to feel like this, but I think if you’re not in the Crossfit world, it may come as a bit of a surprise.

Growing up, I was incredibly self-conscious about the size of my legs. My thighs rubbed together, and my quads bulged out – they weren’t stick thin, like the other girls my age. I personally think it’s part genetics, and part behavioral. I have a few family members with what I would define as muscular legs, so that’s the genetics side of it, but the behavior side came (I believe) from participating in taekwondo from the age of 4 or 5 to about 13. My mom might read this post and dispute this statement, but I tend to think part of the reason I developed large leg muscles is due to all of that taekwondo. There is NOTHING wrong with that, but it definitely made me look twice when I lined up next to the “other girls”. I was uncomfortable in my body. I spent a lot of hot, Iowa summers in pants. That’s the way it was. Continue Reading →


October 3, 2014
by Alex Meyer

Five Things Friday: Crossfit Edition

I’ve been a bit of a Thursday-Friday blogger, these last few weeks, huh? Meh, oh well. I actually was planning to do a workout post today, but I just had too many fun things to share … so a “Five Things” post won!

First: I’ve been thinking about this photo after seeing it on the Design Sponge blog yesterday. TELL ME you don’t want to climb backwards up those stairs. At home WOD, anyone? Continue Reading →


October 1, 2014
by Alex Meyer

Goodbye, September

Just like that – September is done! (Plus one day in October … basically … by the time this posts will be live … )

I had a blast this month, as nuts as it was. Sometimes you move so fast, you forget about all the fun you’ve had … but that’s why there are pictures. Hopefully October will be full of more blog posts to back these pictures up, hmm? Continue Reading →


September 26, 2014
by Alex Meyer

Five Things Friday: Videos Worth Watching

Happy Friday! The weeks, they just go so fast these days. Pretty sure I said that yesterday, but it seemed appropriate to start the post with that anyway. We’ve got a pretty calm weekend ahead, which I appreciate as I have midterms next week. Oh, grad school. How some days you seem like such a good idea … and some days … not. But, I know (and keep reminding myself) that it will be worth it in the end.

Five Things Friday is a little different (for me) this week – because all five things are things are videos! When I was thinking about what I wanted to share, all these came to mind, so I decided, why not have a video-themed Friday? Some are serious, some are funny. All are worth a look! Continue Reading →


September 25, 2014
by Alex Meyer

Thinking Out Loud (Thursday) (The one with all the blog stuff.)

Ahhh Thursdays. That title’s probably not great for SEO. Anyway … let’s ramble, shall we?

Life’s been a little nuts, to say the least.

As usual … I mean, seriously. What’s new? I think the best way to recap what I’ve been up to is probably a photo dump from my phone, but not today. Not today, my friends. Continue Reading →

Overhead squat

September 8, 2014
by Alex Meyer

One Year of Crossfit (Some perspective)

As I was sitting at the competition this weekend, a I had a myriad of emotions. There was exhilaration when I finished before other girls in my heat (I know, that’s a little petty, but who isn’t competitive in Crossfit?). There was anger when I couldn’t seem to hold on to the barbell, and therefore, didn’t get as far in the clean ladder as I knew I could. There was surprise when I was able to pass a fellow competitor running with a wall ball. Then, there was disappointment when I couldn’t seem to push up my placement in the scaled division.

That’s something to love about Crossfit – it really does keep you on your toes.  Continue Reading →


September 3, 2014
by Alex Meyer

Wedding Wednesday: 5 Reasons to Go to Pre-Marital Counseling

Another Wedding Wednesday for you – but today, a slightly more serious topic. I’m hoping it’s still interesting to you, since I know it was to me!

Phyll and I recently completed our pre-marital counseling class at our church. We go to Cornerstone Family Church in Des Moines, and although we haven’t gone for long, I really love the church. They are very welcoming to a variety of cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds – I never feel like anyone is judged. When we were engaged, I knew that I wanted to get married in a church – it was pretty important to me. It was also important to me that we get married at our church, not a random one that was convenient for our ceremony or reception. Continue Reading →


September 2, 2014
by Alex Meyer

Scenes from the (Long) Weekend

How was everyone’s Labor Day? We took the long weekend to relax, but also to get some things done. It was a pretty nice mix, if you ask me. I’ve got a couple pretty busy weekends coming up, so it was nice to take some time and relax before the insanity of September really takes off. I snapped some pictures throughout the weekend though, and I thought it would be a nice way to “recap” what I did.

Friday, my mom and sister came to visit. My dad stopped by to show us his new toy … a Porsche. Continue Reading →