Trying Something New: Zombie Burger


Yesterday, I mentioned I got to try Zombie Burger for the first time. I wanted to share with you my review of our experience there.

Ever since Zombie Burger opened, I have wanted to try it. It’s located in the East Village of downtown Des Moines, Iowa. It actually opened last year, when I was working downtown, but due to the fact that it was brand new, and popular, it was always crazy busy – not ideal when you have an hour to get somewhere, eat, and get back! Finally, this weekend I got my chance.

Since it opened, I’d heard mixed reviews about Zombie Burger. Some people loved it, but some people had ‘undercooked burgers’ or ‘slow service’ or ‘a long wait’. I will say, I witnessed people have a long wait – but there aren’t many restaurants downtown where coming in with four to six people won’t give you one. So I suppose it really depends on your definition of a long wait, as well as how many people you bring. 


The Walking Ched, a few bites in

We got there around 5:40 on a Friday night and we were seated immediately. (Since it was my first visit, not sure if this was just pure luck or if it was typical.) A few minutes later our waiter came for our drink order, apologizing for the wait. I hadn’t thought there was much of a wait at all, but it was nice he was so apologetic. The reason it didn’t really feel like a wait was because of the decor, I think. There were a lot of nice, small details to really push the zombie theme. (Sorry, I was too famished and forgot to take pictures of the decor!).

I really wanted to try one of their ‘spiked’ milkshakes, but since we had just come from being out in the heat on the water, I was super dehydrated and just drank water with my meal. Next time, I’ll try one! Phyll got a cherry coke. The options on the menu were so varied and different, and each burger had a really interesting name, like ‘Juan of the Dead’ and ‘East Village of the Damned’. You could get any burger combination with a regular patty, chicken breast, veggie patty, or portobello mushroom. As an ex-veggie, I really appreciated those options! You can get 1, 2 or 3 layers of your ‘meat’. They also had various fry baskets and appetizers, salads, and hot dogs. Find the full menu here.

The "Undead Elvis"

The ‘Undead Elvis’. Not quite as interesting-looking as mine!

I chose the ‘The Walking Ched’ obviously – I mean, I do LOVE my mac and cheese! ‘The Walking Ched’ had a breaded and fried macaroni and cheese bun, filled with 2 beef patties (my choice), bacon, Cheddar cheese, caramelized and raw onion, macaroni and cheese, and mayo. I know, it sounds like a heart attack – but it was so big that I barely finished half of it. So not as many calories, right? :) And, seriously, it was amazing.

Phyll got the ‘Undead Elvis’, which had a regular bun filled with 2 beef patties (his choice), peanut butter, fried bananas, bacon, American cheese, egg, and mayo. He really enjoyed his as well (I’d say he chose the healthier between the two of us, wouldn’t you?).

The burgers don’t come with fries, and we opted to add the chili cheese fries to our order. They actually sent the wrong fries the first time, so we got them replaced, but as a courtesy they didn’t charge us for them (nice, huh?). The chili cheese fries were really good, and would also be a tasty snack if you were there some night having some drinks.

After eating and packing up our leftovers, we were out in exactly one hour. Not too bad, and certainly faster than I was expecting given what I’d heard from friends.


The Chili-Cheese Fries (pre-melting of cheese).

Overall, I think I really enjoyed our experience at Zombie Burger and hope to go again soon. And next time, I’m promising myself that I will try a different burger, even though this one was sooooo good! *Cue pep talk to future self.*

I hope you give it a try and enjoy it as well! If you do, leave me a comment and let me know what YOU think.

Tonight, I’m giving Buzzard Billy’s a try with my friend Tina. Should I try the gator? Check back to find out if I do!


  1. Maybe I would add that the ‘undead elvis’ picture was taken after I already had 3/4 of it down…so it is actually alot bigger than it looks on there!

  2. I can’t wait to try Buzzard Billy’s now that you’re back. I seriously had the opposite experience at ZB. You should go again and see if you get the bad service I got.

  3. also, be glad you didn’t stick with the regular fries. GROSS.

    • Buzzard Billy’s is awesome. Yeah I’m curious about ZB now…was thinking of going there tomorrow after the Color Run so we’ll see. And, we almost did end up with regular fries because they messed up our order. Normally I wouldn’t have said anything but I felt finicky that day and made them fix it. Glad I did, now!

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  5. It really looked like a lot of fun! Just visiting your blog and have enjoyed it! Thanks :)

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