What Five Things Make You Feel Beautiful?


Today, I have the pleasure of guest posting on a blog that I love, Espresso and Cream. You may remember me talking about it when I wrote about the blogs that I love a few weeks back. Madison posed a question to her readers: What Five Things Make You Feel Beautiful?. I thought that this was a really interesting topic to think about.

Madison said you could mix the superficial with the not. It’s pretty easy thinking of physical things – those were the first came that came to mind, for me. But writing the post also made me look inside myself and think about the inner qualities in myself that I admire, and find beautiful. Take a read at what my answers were. I challenge you to try and answer these questions as well!

While you’re there, find a recipe or two to try. They’re all delicious!


  1. What a great guest post, Alex! I love all of your responses (and especially agree with the one about a great run). :)

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