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Good morning, friends! Today, I want to share a fun review that I got the privilege of doing this month. NatureBox was generous enough to provide me with their November box for my perusal, and I was more than happy to take a look!

I’ve been quietly obsessed with subscription boxes for awhile, and when I heard about NatureBox, it sounded like it was right up my alley. NatureBox is a subscription service that offers the ability to discover and enjoy healthy snacks on a monthly basis. Their products are made from wholesome ingredients and are Nutritionist-approved. Plus, they use no high fructose corn syrup, no partially hydrogenated oils, no trans fats, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and no artificial colors.

I got my box in mid-November. The packaging was minimal, which I loved. Just a cardboard box taped shut with a bit of confetti surrounding the snacks. On the top of the pile was an informational card about the snacks the box contained, and stating the theme of the month’Embrace Healthy Holiday Habits’. There was information about each individual snack, and a recipe to use one of them in a pesto, which was a fun idea.

 The contents:



Roasted Garlic Pumpkin Seeds:

I was skeptical, but these were awesome! I think the green color threw me off a bit – thinking, you know, pumpkins are orange, right? But these were really tasty. The garlic taste wasn’t overwhelming at all, like I was worried they might be. Sometimes garlic can be overpowering, but this was just right! I’m sure these pumpkin seeds won’t last long.


Chipotle Maple Almonds:

This snack leads to a funny story. I decided I wanted a quick something to eat prior to a run, so grabbed these on my way out the door. I forgot they said ‘chipotle’, and threw a couple in my mouth. Whoops! While these aren’t too hot (for me), they were much hotter than I was expecting at the time, and took me by GREAT surprise. Some people might not like how hot these are, but I love hot & spicy anything (send on the salsa!) so these are perfect for me. I love that they’ve made a nut that’s hot. Not something that I’ve come across too often.


Country Ranch Peas:

My favorite thing in the box! I’m newly obsessed with roasted chickpeas, so I was pumped to find these in November’s Nature Box. Oh, and I also love ranch anything, so this snack is pretty much my kryptonite. They’re close to gone at this point.


Carrot Chips:

These were my least favorite thing in the box, but honestly, they still weren’t bad by any means. I’m pretty picky about my dried fruits and vegetables, so I’m always a little skeptical when I try a new one. I think I could get used to the taste. These are certainly a great substitute for chips though – thick and crunchy.


Cinnamon Spiced Granola:

Yum! Ever since I’ve become a runner, I’ve been trying a lot of different kinds of granola. Most of them plain, or of the fruit & nut variety. When I read that this bag was cinnamon, I figured that it would be pretty sweet – I was wrong! While having a rich cinnamon taste, there’s no sweetness to speak of. In my opinion? That’s great! I don’t need the fake sugar taste. Plus, without it, I can’t wait to try this flavor on yogurt. I just keep forgetting to actually purchase yogurt. Hopefully there is some left before then!


Overall, I thought this was a great subscription box. There was a lot of food, and it was all high-quality, quite tasty, and healthy. Plus, it contained many items that I wouldn’t normally pick up at the store, which made receiving it a fun surprise. This box pushed me out of my own box! If every month is like this, I know I’ll never be disappointed.

NatureBoxes costs $19.95 per month. Although some may scoff at the up-front price, I’d encourage you to think about what you spend on groceries. No, not the junk food. But the stuff that’s actually good for you! The amounts were quite generous, and probably more than I even need in one month.

NatureBox is also working on a ton of new options in regards to personalizing your box. Soon, you’ll be able to choose boxes based on dietary needs and/or restrictions, the portion sizes of your snacks, and actually choose the snacks that are in your box. How cool is that? And, my favorite part? For every NatureBox sent out, NatureBox donates one meal for every box to feed the over 14 million children in America who go hungry every year. Sounds like a win to me!

As an added bonus, NatureBox has generously extended a coupon for all of you readers! The promo code CARROT may be used for 25% off your first month-to-month subscription. Or, if you purchase a six month subscription, receive 1 month free, or, purchase a twelve month subscription and receive 3 months free. What a deal!

I received this box free for review from NatureBox. NatureBox was not guaranteed a positive review and all opinions are my own. I received no additional compensation for this review.

Do you get a monthly subscription box? Which one? Would you try NatureBox?


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