KLUTCHclub 300x89 KLUTCHclub Review & GIVEAWAY! Happy Tuesday! How’s it going? Did you guys get my hint yesterday?

That today’s deal would be klutch?

Like, cool? Get it? I think I saw that in a movie.

Well, we’ll get to the giveaway. First, though, it’s time for a review!

After having such a great experience with the KLUTCHclub Best of Box last month, I signed up for the monthly subscription service. I mean, the products were GREAT. How could I not? My first box was the January box.

KLUTCH January KLUTCHclub Review & GIVEAWAY!

January’s box theme was “Healthy Weight Management”, meant to “help you maintain a healthy weight, workout regime and positive relationship with your reflection.” Such a great message! And exactly what you need to start the year off.

The monthly box wasn’t as jam-packed as the Best of Box, but it’s also $10 a month vs the $17 price point of the Best of Box, so that makes total sense. It still had some great items in it.

  1. TurboFire‘s Greatist Hits Cardio DVD
    I’d done some TurboFire workouts before – my roommate had the whole collection in college – so I was excited to see this in there. Although it’s only one workout, it’s a great one to add to my collection. A 20 minute HIIT workout, it’s tough, but quick. A great workout to have around for those days without a lot of time. My only pet peeve (with TurboFire in general) is that the class leader wears gold hoops. Really? But that’s besides the point.
  2. Pro Compression $20 gift card
    Oh my gosh YES. I love my compression socks, so this is a great deal. Plus, Pro Compression often has sales on particular socks, which means that I won’t have to pay much beyond what this covers.
  3. Hypnosis Network’s Best-Recorded Sessions
    To be honest, I have no interest in this at all. But I could see it being appealing to some. You get two free sessions, one of which is about weight loss.
  4. FRS Healthy Slim Chews
    These are chews to help you feel full sooner. You take a couple a half hour before you eat, and then you won’t eat as much. I’m not too interested in these either – I’d rather just drink a glass of water – but I did eat one to compare the texture to the other FRS chews I have. They’re much chewier, like taffy, where the other chews were a bit gritty.
  5. Scheckter’s Organic Energy Drink
    I don’t drink energy drinks much anymore, but I do like that this one is chemical-free. I’m excited to give this a try. I haven’t had it yet, just because I haven’t really needed it.
  6. EAS Lean 15 Bar
    Pretty typical protein bar. I’ll keep it around for my next hard workout.
  7. Madecasse Chocolate
    Ooo, this was tasty. It was super dark, which is a great snack because it’s so rich, it will kill your sweet craving. This was on the much darker side of chocolate I’ve had, but I loved it. Phyll, on the other hand …
  8. Bach Rescue Remedy Gum
    “A combination of 5 flower remedies to help you relax, get focused and find your sense of calm.” I never got stressed since getting this box, so I wasn’t able to truly test it. I did chew a piece though, and it was good! Not super-sweet though, so if you like your gum that way, be prepared.
  9. Ginger People Ginger Chews
    I really, really don’t like ginger. So obviously, these weren’t for me. Phyll does, though, so he tried one and said that they were good. And he gets the box!
  10. Snikiddy Eat Your Vegetables Chips
    These were SO GOOD. They tasted greasy, and delicious. And there’s a serving of veggies in every bag! I had the sea salt flavor. Highly recommended!
  11. LeBootcamp Weight Loss Program
    This package gives $25 off a one-month plan for weight loss coaching (group or one-on-one). I’m not interested, but a deal for those who are.

Wow! That was quite the list, don’t you think? Although all the items weren’t right for me, I still think that this box was stellar, and a great deal. There was a good amount of variety, and I always love getting full-size items in a sample box, so you can try them out fully, and not just once. In general, I really enjoyed going through and checking out what they recommended, and can’t wait to see what February holds. For the price of $10, I don’t think you can beat it – this is so far, my favorite subscription box. KLUTCHclub has really knocked it out of the park!

So now, you’re thinking – I could really use a box like that.

You’re in luck! I’m giving away 1 monthly box from KLUTCHclub to one of my readers, courtesy of KLUTCHclub!

Enter using the Rafflecopter below. I’ll have the giveaway up for one week – so make sure you enter to win by midnight on Monday, February 4th! If you don’t want to wait, you can also use the code 10PERCENT for 10% off a three-month purchase.

Just to clarify, you won’t be getting this box. You’ll get February’s. Or, if you wait a month, March’s. And I can’t wait to see what’s in them!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Just a reminder this is an auto renewing membership, and you may cancel it by going here. We ask that you wait 5-7 days before canceling that way our system may process your order completely. You will get the box of the month that you order in. So, if you order from June 1 – June 30, you’ll get June’s box. If you order July 1 – July 31, you’ll get July’s box. Boxes are shipped the 15th of the month, and boxes ordered before the 15th will arrive 5-10 business days after the 15th. If you order after the 15th your box will arrive 5-10 business days after your order date.


I paid in full for this subscription, but KLUTCHclub is proving the box as a giveaway to my readers.

 KLUTCHclub Review & GIVEAWAY!