Announcing: The No “Girly” Push-Ups Challenge!


Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty low-key. I ate enough guacamole for ten people last night while watching the Superbowl. Aka, the commercials. Who watches the game?

Today, I have a fun announcement for you! A month or so ago, my Tweeps Jennifer and Jacki brought the 100 Push-Up smartphone app to my attention. After we started talking about it, we realized we all loved the idea of working on push-ups. And a challenge was born!

Join Jacki of Dare 2 Dream Dare 2 Do, Jennifer of Wine to Weightlifting, and myself as we lead you on the path to work your way up to 100 push-ups in just five weeks! Running from February 4 – March 11, with weekly check-ins and prizes, this is your opportunity to step up your game and improve your push-up technique! Jacki, Jennifer, and I want you to succeed in improving your overall strength with one clear message: No more “girly” push-ups!

What’s with the name?

I’ve always hated the idea that modified push ups were called “Girly” push-ups. Just because they’re easier to do, doesn’t make them “Girly”. Just because you need a modified push-up to start with, doesn’t mean you’re girly, or a girl, or not a man, for that matter. For this challenge, we want you to conquer these modified push-ups. Girl or guy, you too can work your way up to a full, or ‘strict’ push-up!
Every week, we’ll be hosting link-ups on each of our blogs. Add your blog post where you talk about your progress, a URL to a Tweet where you tell us how many push-ups you’ve made it up to, or even your Facebook profile where you’re marking progress.. Once you’ve linked up, you’ll be entered to win a prize for that week! Plus, you’ve got a great group of others to reach out to for support on this fitness journey.

Okay, but how do I participate?

However you like! I’m going to use the 100 Push-Ups app to improve my push-ups, but if you don’t have a smart phone, you can use their website and follow the program that way. Or, you can always work on them at your own pace. The point is, we want you to improve!

If you’re already a push-up star, you can still participate. How about one-handed push-ups? Or inclined push-ups? Get creative!

The first week involves an initial test. You can find all of that info here, or on the app. If you’re not sure on good form, check out this video:

Even if you’re not there yet, our point is that you’re trying. You don’t have to do a strict push-up at the beginning of this challenge. But we hope that you can by the end!

What to do now:

  • Be sure to tweet “I just joined the #nogirlypushups challenge. No more “girly” push–ups for me!″ to help us spread the word!
  • Display your No More “Girly” Push-ups badge on your sidebar. (Grab the button below.)
  • Make a plan!  Will you use an app, or just doing one more push-up each day?
  • Write, tweet, or create Facebook status updates letting us know how you are doing. If you use the #nogirlypushups hashtag, we can encourage each other!
  • Link up next Monday, February 11 on one of our blogs to be entered to win the first prize.

Sponsors of the “No More Girly Push-Ups” Challenge include:


Will you join us? Do you normally do “girly” push-ups? Believe me, you want these prizes!

Plus, don’t forget about my giveaway. It’s the last day to enter!

Please be mindful of your own physical condition and consult a doctor before starting any type of exercise program.


  1. I am SO in!!! Yay fun things with some of my favorite bloggy buddies :)
    Melissa Love recently rocked the world with…Super Bowl Sunday + Fitness Recap :)My Profile

  2. Okay, I have to say it.

    It is EXTREMELY offensive to refer to something as “girly” when what you really mean is “wimpy”. I was hoping this wasn’t something you had been a part of concocting, but it seems like it, and that makes me sad. I’m a huge advocate for gender equality (including, and especially transgender since their rights are pretty much nonexistent right now), and something like this is hugely offensive. I am not going to leave this comment on the other people’s blogs (I know you, so I feel comfortable leaving this feedback), but I hope you pass this on.

    Assigned gender doesn’t determine strength (or much else either other than biological parts). And, in fact, there are some strong people that just can’t do “real” pushups. And there are lots of women who can do pushups better than men. The phrase “girly” pushups just perpetuates old-school ideas that need to continue to be phased out.

    All of that aside, I like the graphic, and I’ve been wanting to do the 100 pushup challenge for a while. Though, I’ve been dialing back and focusing HARD on form, so I went back to doing on-my-knees pushups until I feel comfortable that I’m doing them 110% properly (let’s call them wimpy pushups … or if we wanted to get real PC you could call them half-ups or something).
    Calee recently rocked the world with…me ‘n’ my docs love the 90s.My Profile

    • Ooh, and PS did I mention that I might be changing my research area from nutrition to gender / women’s studies?
      Calee recently rocked the world with…me ‘n’ my docs love the 90s.My Profile

    • Sorry you’re offended – we had really meant to fight the stereotype that girls should just fall back to the on-the-knees push-ups, which are so often called girly push ups.

      HOWEVER …

      Although I don’t find the name offensive, I’m a pretty big subscriber to the fact that if you do, 10 other people probably do too. So I will bring this up to the other girls and see if we can re-tool the name. I’d hate for people to get the wrong ideas about what we mean by this. We really just wanted to do the challenge (but given that the 100 push-up challenge was a copyrighted name, we didn’t feel right using it since we couldn’t get any response from the 100 push up people).

      So, sorry to make you sad :(.

  3. I am in. I don’t know that I could do 1 at this point. But am up for the challenge :)
    Kari recently rocked the world with…BaggageMy Profile

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  5. Doing this! I’m in the military and am currently deployed, part of our PT test is a 2 minute push up event. The last one we took in January I knocked out 41 push ups in 2 minutes, I need 5 more added to max out.
    Kari recently rocked the world with…Meatless Tuesday!!!My Profile

  6. I’m in. LOVE me some push ups!!

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  8. I’m in! I was going to do a push-up challenge on my own in January and never got it started. Now I can follow along with you guys! Thanks for organizing!
    Mollie @Sprinkles of Life recently rocked the world with…Destiny’s Child Reunited!My Profile

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  16. Oh i SO wish i had read about this challenge sooner! I really feed off of challenges! I hope you have another one soon that i can join in on! I am new on my journey to lose 100+ pounds i have lost 22 lbs so far in 2 1/2 months! I also created a blog to help aid in my achievements! I hope you will check it out! I LOVE your blog!! I am your newest follower! my blog is and also on facebook page Sexy Heffer and on twitter as SexyHeffer1. So nice to meet you and so happy i found you!
    Sherry a.k.a Sexy Heffer recently rocked the world with…No Matter What!My Profile

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