The Superhero Challenge: I survived (kind of)


Superhero-Challenge Today marks a week past the end of the 21 Day Superhero Challenge that I started earlier this month. And, in conclusion … I’ve got mixed feelings about how it went as a whole. So here’s a mixed-feelings kind of post, mmkay?

To start … 

I kicked the sugar bug!

This was my absolute favorite thing to come out of the “detox”. I was a grumpy mess for a few days, but I was able to fight back, and win. I don’t have nearly the cravings that I did, though they do come every once in awhile. And then, I can make this …


{Paleo Chocolate Cake in a Mug}

But the NEED, the NEED, for a sugary drink or candy? It just doesn’t have the pull that it used to.

Then gained some perspective

Going back to that little slice of heaven, I now understand something that I didn’t before. I was following a pretty Paleo diet through this detox (no dairy, no added sugars, no grains, no legumes) and tried my best to follow through with all the food rules that went with it. I had previously seen “Paleo” versions of recipes, and didn’t understand it. Why not just eat the “normal” foods? What are you really getting out of this?

But as I was coming off the crazy sugar cravings, I got it. It wasn’t that substitution was the big deal. It’s the not-crashing-your-lifestyle-change-for-a-treat-thing. I wanted my Sunday night ice cream – it’s a thing that Phyll and I do. But I didn’t want to derail 4 days of sugar detox. When I made this, I was a happy girl, and I was no further from my goals.

Don’t get me wrong, there is some substitution involved. Eating veggies and meat is great, but every so often, a muffin might sound good. Well, I don’t really like muffins. But cookies. I like cookies.

Then, I got confused

Now, I don’t expect an answer from this. But I’m putting it out there. Week 1 and week 2, I stayed “clean” during the week. Weekends, different, but not as bad as I had been eating prior to the cleanse (I wasn’t going to skip Chicago pizza. #SorryNotSorry).

Chicago Pizza

And during two separate Crossfit workouts (later in the week – so after 3-4 days of “clean” eating) I got crazy nauseous towards the end of my workout. While every box has a “pukie” wall (every box does, right?) I came in at a pretty good level of fitness, and while I would be exhausted after a workout, I never felt like puking.

Cue the confusion – I was eating well. Why am I nauseous? I mean, I know I wasn’t 100% clean for the previous 10 days, but I was for 4 – which I thought should have been enough.

No, I wasn’t 100%

As most of you know from previous blog posts, or my Instagram pics, I wasn’t all in. I was for about the first 4 days, but I did cheat after that. I would say that I was more 80/20 with my eating. And to be honest, I don’t know that I would ever be 100%. With my lifestyle, it’s not realistic. You can tell me up and down that it can be done. And, I’m sure it can. But to me, it’s not feasible for me to do this 100% right now. There are too many social events I can’t control, and I don’t have time to cook beforehand to bring the food with.

Maybe someday I will, but for now, I’m okay being me.

Because now, I know what I could feel like

One thing that this detox did teach me, was a lot about what my body likes, and doesn’t like. As a whole, I feel sooo much better without dairy and grains. In fact, the first day I cheated, I felt horrid. Horrid. After a couple cheat experiences, I’m actually relatively sure that my stomach doesn’t like dairy quite as much as my brain does.

I think it’s a great idea to “check in” with your body like this. If you don’t know what good feels like, you don’t know what bad feels like, either.

But in conclusion …

I don’t know a lot of things. Ha! You thought we were gonna see the wizard at the end of this yellow brick road, didn’t you?

Although I learned a lot about myself with this cleanse, I still need to figure out how I’m going to settle this one out, my body and I. Dairy, bad (mostly). Okay. Grains = bloat. Duh. But what was I doing wrong that I was getting nauseous mid-WOD?

For now, we’re back to the 80/20 thing. And possibly more, when I can control it. After the holidays, I might take another shot at the 100% thing for a while (30 day challenge??), now that I’ve worked through some of the bumps, and learned how to successfully execute this whole thing.


Ever tried a detox? What did you think?

(Bonus points for tips on the pukie feeling.)



  1. I’m on this 30day gluten-free challenge and while the eating isn’t that, I miss having a beer. At the same time, I had an AWFUL reaction to beer a couple weeks ago. I’m worried about my work trip next week and I’m trying to prepare myself that I may need to derail, though of course I’ll do my best to stay on track.
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently rocked the world with…10 Days Gluten-FreeMy Profile

    • Gotta do what you gotta do! I know for me, I don’t like to rock the boat too much with work-related things. I tend to try and eat the given foods (if it’s not a allergy thing).

  2. When I am eating clean, I have to be certain I get enough calories in before hitting a WOD or I completely bonk or feel the pukie feeling. I just recently had a horrid WOD and then realized the only carbs I had that day were some kale leaves during breakfast and broccoli for lunch. While I had some good fats in, the carbs were basically non-existent, and definitely more the speed of a rest day not a workout day.
    Jacki recently rocked the world with…21 Day Sugar Detox – Why I’m Trying AgainMy Profile

  3. I’ve never done a detox before and don’t think I could go 100%. 80/20 is totally a more doable daily living goal. I can even do something like 90/10. I would like to try to be more aware of my sugar consumption though – I look at my meal logs and can tell it’s a lot.
    Julie recently rocked the world with…WIAW: Recovering from ThanksgivingMy Profile

  4. I quit sugar (including fruit — I was militant!) last January. It was a great experiment. The best thing I got out of it was knowing how much sugar is in our daily intake of food. I was aware of sodium, but not sugar. So I have switched products for a lot of things that I used to regularly eat. I now eat intuitively, so I try not to pay attention to “omg I had a lot of sugar today” but I also don’t have a lot of sugar cravings anymore because I’m not constantly restricting and dieting.
    calee recently rocked the world with…Sweet Tunes Thursday: Best of 2013 + 12.4.13 PlaylistMy Profile

    • I totally agree. I just had no clue how much sugar was in everything. I’m much, much more aware now, and so glad I’ve kicked the sugar cravings. I also now check labels like a freaking Nazi.

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