Throwback Thursday: My Most Popular Topics


I always think reading my top searches is a hoot. For a long time, when my blog was a youngin’, it was always “fruit slide”. Just due to a favorite item I found on Pinterest and put up under Friday Favorites. These days, the searches that come up are a little more varied – and sometimes, they’re a walk down memory lane.

For fun, I thought I would write a bit of a “most popular topics” post. For those of you who are newer readers, this is also a fun way to get to know a little more about me!

Half Marathons

This is my most popular topic, which makes a lot of sense. I’ve run three of them at this point, and the majority of my topics the last few years have been about training for running them, or other races.

DSC01018 225x300 Throwback Thursday: My Most Popular Topics

Me after my first half marathon (with the marathon winner – Phyll made me take a picture because he was from Kenya!)

Most of these posts are looking for tips or advise for their first half marathon. Well, they’re in luck! I wrote a post with 10 tips for your first half marathon last September. One poor soul came to my blog looking for “emergency 4 week training plans for half marathons”. If that’s you, I’m sorry. I didn’t post that … and I’m  not so sure I’d recommend doing that at all icon wink Throwback Thursday: My Most Popular Topics .

The Color Run

This one always surprises me, as there are SO many other bloggers talking about this run, but here it is. I’ve done the Color Run twice, and while it was fun, it’s not my favorite race. At the same time, it holds a dear place in my heart as the race that prompted me to start running to begin with.

Color Run Color Throwback Thursday: My Most Popular Topics

If you’ve never done a Color Run, here’s recap one and two. I also wrote tips for preparing for any kind of in a color-based run.

Zombie Burger

Zombie Burger is a local, VERY popular restaurant here in Des Moines. It’s popular for a lot of reasons – they’re unique theme and decor, their insane menu (crazy burgers and cereal-flavored milkshakes), and their late-night appeal (alcohol IN the milkshakes, people). I blogged about my first visit to Zombie Burger in 2012, which I really enjoyed.

IMAG00701 Throwback Thursday: My Most Popular Topics

I don’t even care how disgusting that looks, it is a fantastic meal. Also, can we all appreciate how much improvement I’ve made in my phone photography since 2012?

Anyway, I get search remarks for this that revolve constantly around “How many calories are in a Zombie Burger?”. My answer? YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW THAT.


Other topics include EnergyBits, the Superhero Challenge, and quite often, TJ Maxx yoga mats (I love shopping for fitness goodies there – and that is where I bought my first yoga mat).

 Throwback Thursday: My Most Popular Topics

I hope that soon, one of those topic is something like “Badass girls who Crossfit”. That would be fun. But the beauty of people searching for your blog? You just never know what they’re looking for.

Oh, and if you’re still curious … this is a fruit slide …

Fruit Slide Throwback Thursday: My Most Popular Topics


Bloggers: Do you get any odd search terms on your site?

Readers: How did you find your favorite blog(s)?