Fitness Friday: the one where you see me realize I RX’d a WOD


Happy Friday, Friends! Thanks for all your responses to Wednesday’s post (or did I post it Tuesday? who knows … ). I felt a little dramatic posting it, since I don’t typically get that deep on ya’ll, so I hope you enjoyed it. 

For some accountability purposes (like actually training for Market to Market) I’m going to try and get back to my Fitness Friday posts. I feel like when I tell everyone what I’ve done, I’m that much more likely to do it. You know? So, as a refresher, here’s the plan:

Market to Market Training Fitness Friday: the one where you see me realize I RXd a WOD

So right now, we’re on the week of March 17. And, uh … yeah. Things are not looking as hot as they should be! But, I did get some mileage in this week. And one very excellent WOD.

Saturday, March 15

5 miles on the dreadmill. As you read, I was not feeling 14.2 that morning, so I headed over to Planet Fitness for a little solo time. 54 minutes, not too shabby since I tend to crawl on when I’m on the treadmill.

Also, can I tell you how glad I am they have free wi-fi? Netflix on my phone for the win!

Sunday, March 16

4.5 miles in the glorious sunlight! It felt so amazing to be outside, even if I had to run through some ridiculously large puddles. My feet were completely soaked by the end; but so, so, worth it.

Running in the sun Fitness Friday: the one where you see me realize I RXd a WOD

Don’t you love the nasty in-between winter and spring grass?

Monday, March 17

This was a tough call, but I knocked out another 4.5 miles (okay, my watch told me 4.37 miles – I’m rounding). The WOD for the day looked awesome, but the weather was just too good to pass up! Most of the puddles from Sunday had dried up too, making the run even better. Thank you thank you daylight savings – I can fit in a run after work, before it gets dark.

Tuesday, March 18 & Wednesday, March 19

Rest – too busy with life and school! Let’s be honest, I was due for one anyway.

Thursday, March 20

So I barely had time to make it to Crossfit between work and an AIGA meeting, but when you’re determined, you’re determined. This WOD sounded too good!

WOD Fitness Friday: the one where you see me realize I RXd a WOD

My wall walks have improved immensely, I’m happy to report. I made sure to get all the way flat to the wall (okay, maybe the last couple not so much, but most of them).

And for the WOD, I got toes to bar for the first time! For those of you who don’t know what that is, check out the video. Skip to about 32 seconds in.

I was pretty. Damn. Pumped. And as I’m writing this, I’m realizing that since my coach also pushed me to use the 14 lb wall ball last night, ladies & gentlemen …


I’ll admit, there were some no-reps in there I’m sure. I struggled with the toes to bar hitting solid by round 3. But I did it! In retrospect, I wish I would have actually counted my reps now.


Excuse me while I do a happy dance.

What’s that look like in type form?

Here’s a video of Elaine dancing instead. Skip to 30 seconds in again. What’s with all the intros today?

Anyway. So, moving on …

Friday, March 14 (today)

I have dinner plans, so, rest day!

Saturday, March 15

Undecided, but a WOD for sure. Since we have multiple locations in the area for the same Crossfit Box (does that make sense?) I can do 14.3 of the Crossfit open, or I can do a super-secret Hero WOD they won’t announce until we get there. It’s supposed to be one of the most-popular ones, so I need to do some Googling and see if I can figure that out. The latter is tempting since it’s at the location that’s closer to my apartment. Hmm, decisions, decisions.

Fight For Air Climb Fitness Friday: the one where you see me realize I RXd a WOD Sunday, March 16

Fight for Air Climb day! Read more about the race in the post. Also, if you are so inclined, please consider donating what you can to support my race. I haven’t yet met my fundraising goal of $100.00, though I’m part of the way there (thanks mom & Jennifer!). The money goes to the American Lung Association. Good stuff!

Click here to donate.

I’m pretty excited since the format of the race is so different than my usual. I’ll be doing a race recap hopefully next week, so check back!


Last but not least … the winner of my OneFitWonder giveaway!

OneFitWonder Winner 259x300 Fitness Friday: the one where you see me realize I RXd a WOD

Brittany, I’ll be emailing you!


So … how was your week?