Training Plans


Lately, I haven’t had what you’d call a “set” training plan. This is a little different from my usual since the majority of the year, I’m training for races. But since the marathon, I’ve been pretty loosy-goosy with what I’ve been doing.

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In the past, I haven’ t gotten away with not creating a plan – it tends to make me lazy. But since I started Crossfit, life’s gotten easy. Going to Crossfit today? Okay. Done. Workout = ready.

But as February crept to a close, I started to remember that I actually did have some running plans this year. So, maybe I should, I dunno. Train?

End of Race Training Plans

I still love this picture of Phyll cheering me on to the finish.

No, I don’t think that this year will contain another marathon for me. Halfs, yes. But with how crazy busy my life is between work, grad school, and wedding planning, the hours that a full marathon takes probably just aren’t in the cards for 2014.

My first race this year is the Market to Market Relay, a 75-mile relay race that I’ve signed up to do with my Blend Jacki (after I bogarded her Facebook conversation about the race, obviously). We haven’t decided on legs yet, but I’d like to try and push myself to be ready to knock out 13 to 15 miles that day.

Relay Team Training Plans

Last year was seriously a blast. I know I’ve gotten stronger in the last year, so I’m pretty pumped to see how my times might compare. The race is mid-May, which gives me plenty of time to work up my miles. Well, if you don’t count the holiday and the fact that I’m vacationing in Vegas before then, anyway.

I can knock out a 4 mile with relatively no issues right now, so I’m using that to start my training from. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Market to Market Training Training Plans

With a few halfs under my belt, this plan is purely out of my head. Things will inevitably shift – Crossfit days may switch for running, depending on if I can make class that night – but this is pretty dead-on what I’ll try to follow. I’m not exactly sure how tough it will be on my body to do Crossfit and run this much, so I might have to back something down from week to week. We’ll see how it goes!

To be honest with you, my love for running is a little tired still from the marathon. I’m hoping that the warmer weather that’s sure to be coming (it has to come sometime, right?) will help me get back in the mood. That warm weather that better come back. I’m not sure how many weeks of this plan I can stand on the treadmill!


Have you started your spring training? When’s your first race?

 Training Plans