Currently: April


Oh my gosh guys. You know that feeling when you have so much to say, but it all wants to come out at once? I think that’s what I feel like with this blog right now! Just not enough time to get those posts out, but when I sit down to write, I have SO many ideas – it’s almost intimidating.

I thought a fun way to get some of those feelings out might be to write a “Currently” post. I used to get to these monthly, but this year, not so much. They’re a good Q & A style of what I’ve been up to lately. I’ve seen this same post on so many blogs, that I have no idea who to credit for the original idea, but if you know, help a girl out?

So without further ado …

Current books:

Gah. I have been such a bad reader lately! But, I have started a new (to me) Margaret Atwood book. I love, love, love Margaret Atwood. If you haven’t read A Handmaid’s Tale, you must, asap!

But, this is the current read: The Year of the Flood.

Year of the Flood Currently: April

{The book link is an affiliate link to Help me buy more books, eh?}

Current music:

I’m pretty uncool on the music scene, as many of you know. But I’m always looking for some new, peppy song ideas when race season rolls back around. This year is no exception! So if you’ve got anything, leave it in the comments.

Can we all take a second to appreciate how truly horrible this song is though? So. Annoying. Sorry, but I can’t even stand it.

Current guilty pleasure:

Hmm. I’m honestly really, really enjoying all the sun-basking I can right now. I call it sun-basking, because this is really different than sun bathing. Sun bathing requires a bikini (or at least a tank top) and likely a pool. Me? I’m just happy with finally feeling warm again!

Sun Currently: April

Current nail color:

I haven’t put on the first coats of spring quite yet. I’m definitely a warm-weather painter. I will have a pretty new color on by my Vegas vacay, however (I leave 3 weeks from today!!). I might even treat myself to a pedicure.

Well, if I can find one super-cheap, anyway. Gotta save those pennies for the wedding!

Current drink:

As we speak (or as I type) I’m drinking an Arnold Palmer. It’s one of my favorite drinks when it’s warmer out. If you’re not familiar, it’s half tea, half lemonade. All yummy.

Arnold Palmer Currently: April

I’ve also been craving a Manhattan. I was getting a bit more into drinking them in the late fall, but haven’t been to a “nicer” bar for awhile – which is about the only place I’ll order them.

Any other Manhattan lovers out there? Do you try to make them at home?

Current food: 

I’ve been ALL over the place lately. One, because of either warmer weather, or because I can have bread now … I’ve been really into sandwiches. Eating those a LOT.

But otherwise, some tasty eats outside my abode …

Sushi Currently: April

A local favorite – Taki. The upper right was my selection on girls’ night. It was called Smashing Pumpkin. And it was AMAZing.

Current favorite show:

I didn’t love it so much when we started watching it on Netflix, but I’m totally getting into Lost right now (notice the background to the drink above?). I only caught episodes here and there the first time it was on, so this has been a fresh-viewing for all purposes. It’s made me totally into conspiracy theories lately (more so than usual, anyway) though. I’m pretty much convinced that the real-life Flight 370 is just crash landed on an island and they’re all living the real-life TV show. (All joking aside … that whole situation just stinks.)

Current wish list:

Warm weather … to STAY! I think we’re close, but Iowa sure is having fun throwing some cold days at us still. I can’t wait to hide away the warmer jackets for good.

Current needs:

To figure out my eating schedule. Ramping my running back up, on top of Crossfit, has really increased my hunger index. It’s always a matter of making sure I keep around the right kind of filling foods, but to be honest, I didn’t quite even have it figured out last year. Maybe this year’s the year I’m not #hungryallthetime?

AlexTriesitOut Twitter Currently: April

Current triumphs:

I’m pretty excited that ramping my mileage back up has been going so smoothly. I’ve knocked out two 8-mile runs so far, and considering that throughout the winter, I’ve made time for maybe a few 4-milers, if that, I was expecting a bit more resistance from my body. Not that I’m complaining, of course.

Current bane of my existence:

Not unlike my wants, I would also love for the cold weather to go away. Gross.

Current blessing:

Family! And friends, that are just like family. We’ve had some amazing new life come into the world this spring. It just makes my heart so very happy. It also reminds me of how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life.

</mushy talk>

Current outfit:

It’s taking every bit of my self-control to not take advantage of these amazing bundles. No affiliate links here, but has anyone bought Hylete stuff before? It’s such a great deal, I’m curious what people think! They have several bundles at this link.

Hylete Bundle Currently: April


If this is good quality, it’s a steal.

Current excitement:

So if you didn’t catch my hint before, I’m crazy excited that I get to go to Las Vegas this month. Phyll and I are going with a few friends from back home. It’s actually our first “real” vacation as a couple. Can you believe that? 6 years, and we’ve never gone farther than Minneapolis!

Fremont Street Experience Currently: April

I visited Vegas on a work trip in the fall, so I’ve had a little taste of the city, but it will be fun to go and get to visit wherever we want for a few days. Oh, and enjoy the pool at the resort. We’re staying at Tahiti Village.

Tahiti Village Currently: April

Three weeks and counting …

Current mood:

Quite content. And hungry. Shocker.

Current link:

Designer Dirty Talk - this link is hilarious if you haven’t caught it yet. And if you’re not a designer … sorry, this probably won’t do much for you.


Pick a few topics … I want to know what’s current with you!