Five Things Friday


Woohoo! Two posts in one week. That’s a record lately. How was everyone’s week? Mine was great. Not too fast, not too slow. I could have done without the gross rain we had, but beggars can’t be choosers, right (is that the phrase? Or is it pickers can’t be choosers?).

Anyway, how about five things I’ve been digging?

Yasso Bars
I got a chance to try these out and I must say – yum! They’re Greek yogurt bars, but it’s like eating ice cream in my opinion (for real – I’m not just saying that to make myself believe it). I chose the mint chip, but there are a few other flavors too. I love that they’re a tasty treat with protein. Especially since I was telling you that I’m now #hungryallthetime, it’s nice having that extra kick of protein after dinner.

My new Apera bag
I’m digging this new gym bag. I was lucky enough to snag one for a review, and it’s my new favorite toy. The compartments on it are perfect for storing all my gear. Plus, it’s got this cool anti-bacterial fabric, which is a great feature for something I’m frequently putting sweaty, nasty clothing into. I’m going to try and post a more detailed review soon!

I’ve got to give another shout out to Blend. It’s only a few short months away! And the tentative schedule they keep posting has me getting PUMPED. I think I’m heading to Utah on Thursday now. Flights seem to be better, plus, more time with my Blends! Win-win.
If you decide to go, mention my name when you sign up, please! There’s a referral program this year, so I’d appreciate your support icon smile Five Things Friday . Oh, and then let me know that you’re going!

The Run for Exile
Last year, this race was incredible disappointing. But I really, really want to like it, so I’m hoping this year earns some redemption (as in, better organization!). Running + beer should equal my favorite thing ever. So, please?

If you’re wondering why I’m even bothering, well, I got lucky and won a free race entry on Facebook. Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Beyond the Whiteboard
Okay, I am obsessed with this app. Since I started crossfit, I’ve been attempting to record workouts in Daily Mile. Which mostly meant they weren’t getting recorded because if had to write out everything. I finally got the bright idea to check in with my Box to see how they record, and it turns out, I have access to this wonderful site! I just somehow missed the sign-up email.
The awesome thing is, is that they put all the workouts right into the site. Which means that I just have to log in my reps, plus my weight when I don’t so Rx. Love it – and it’s already made a big difference in how often I track!

Anything cool going on with you this week? Let’s hear it!