Does Crossfit Get Easier?

Does Crossfit Get Easier?


Dear Newbie,

I know what you want to know. It’s a question that I’ve heard from many first-timers to Crossfit – in those beginning weeks, when it just seems like everything is so hard. You’re sore all the time, you’re coming in last during WODs, the coach is constantly critiquing your form, and the barbell looks empty next to others doing the same WOD. It’s frustrating, and you feel like you’ll never be “as good” as everyone else.

Does Crossfit ever get easier?

I’ve seen plenty of newbies come and go from my box. But before you think about walking away, I really just want to say …

“You’re so close!”

With practice (and careful listening to your coaches) the form will come. When the form comes, the strength will follow, because you’re performing the movement accurately. The speed will also come — again — because you’re performing the movement accurately.

The form is never easy, but it does become “easier”. The initial soreness will subside, because your muscles will start to grow.

When you step up to the bar, and know your mantras …

“butt down”

“knees back”

“chest up”

You’ll feel on top of the world. Now, I won’t lie, it’s not all going to come at once. But one day, you’ll realize that you don’t pause when you step up to the bar to do a clean (or a squat, or a jerk). At least, not in the way you used to. Some moves will be harder for you than others, but that’s normal for everyone. The key is to focus on what you’re doing right, and keep working on what you’re doing wrong.


But keep listening, because the thing is … it doesn’t get easier. Not really. It’s not supposed to. But the thing is, you won’t care.

That’s just the nature of Crossfit. If the weight is easy, then you probably should be putting more weight on the bar, or moving just a little bit faster. Crossfit is not a sport where the goal is to be “good enough”. We all want each other to get better, and better, every day. In fact, after awhile it will feel like it’s really getting harder again. You’ve hit some sort of plateau. That’s normal too – and that’s why there are coaches around for advice. Use them! Use the friends you’ve made, and embrace the community to continue to improve.

So when you’re lying on the floor, sweating bullets, and trying to figure out why you decided it was a good idea to do this in the first place, remember: you’ve got this, and it will get easier. Maybe. But that’s not why you’re here, and that’s okay. Just. Keep. Moving.


The not-so-newbie (who still thinks it’s hard)

P.S. Take a picture of your sweat angel. You earned it!

Sweat Angel

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