24 Hours in Omaha


A week ago (or two – but who’s counting?) we spent part of our weekend in Omaha, Nebraska. We had a family event on Sunday, so we decided that we’d get a hotel so we could make a mini vacation out of it. We stayed at the Holiday Inn downtown. I don’t normally mention hotels when it comes to travel — typically, we’re in them solely to sleep — but I was pretty impressed by the fitness center in this one. I mean, check this out!



They also had an awesome mini water park, if you have kids. But, onto Omaha …

Sunday evening, we decided to do just do some exploring in the Old Market District, one I’d heard of from other visitors. Can I just say — I was so impressed! I really don’t know what I expected when it came to Omaha, but it was so much trendier than I realized.


We walked the streets a bit, and then decided we wanted a drink. I do love a brewery, so naturally, I wanted to check out Upstream Brewing.


We both got flights to try their local brews. The Flagship IPA was my favorite. (The porter was a coconut flavor, so not my style, although porters usually are.)


Then, we walked a bit more. We stumbled on a sushi and saki bar called Blue. Phyll and I haven’t ever tried Saki. And, while in Omaha, drink the saki. Right?


The bartender kindly let both of us sample the house saki — Phyll drank it cold, and I warm. It was … odd. Not bad, but not really good, either. I opted for a martini instead. I only drink martinis every once in awhile, but I couldn’t turn this one down. The olives were stuff with blue cheese! YUM. It was called the “Dirty Blue”. With gin, ‘natch.

All the walking, on top of the day’s previous activities, started to wear on us, so we opted for a dinner back at the hotel, which boasted a restaurant called Burger Theory. I ordered the house burger and onion rings, but considering it was a burger joint, I didn’t find them anything to write home about.

Monday was a little more relaxed. After much debate on where we could still order breakfast, on a Monday, at 11:00 a.m. (slept in a bit) we settled on an old favorite, Denny’s. It was Denny’s. Nothing out of the ordinary, though the waiter was less than the best I’ve ever had.

We’d seen an ad advertising the Egyptian exhibit at the local Durham Museum. Though the mummy exhibit was pretty awesome, my favorite part of the museum was the fact it was housed in an old train station. So. Beautiful. Seriously. Can I get married again, in this room?


They also had old trains you could walk through and tour. I’ve never ridden on a train myself, but I found the restored trains really interesting to walk through and learn about.

From the parking lot of the museum, we could see this giant fountain in a pond. With a little extra time before we had to leave town, we decided to chase it down as our last stop of the day. The pond was in a park located just west of the Old Market District.


Tons of walking paths, and gorgeous view to boot. Have I mentioned how much I like Omaha?

Seriously, being just a couple hours from Des Moines, and with SO much to see, I couldn’t believe this gem of a city we had found right under our noses. If we ever move, I think it would be for Omaha. Or for Kenya, but you know, that’s a different kind of move entirely.


Have you ever been to Omaha?

Do you take weekend trips?


  1. Well with Amanda there, we really ought to make a trip! A great friend of mine from college is from Omaha, but doesn’t live there anymore.
    Katie recently rocked the world with…Job Searching and Triathlon Training: Not that DifferentMy Profile

  2. Having grown up in Council Bluffs (just this side of the river) let me know if you head back and I can give you some places to visit next time.
    Jacki recently rocked the world with…Why exercise is not a weight loss solutionMy Profile

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