A Coffee Date


My brain is a little all over today. And of course, by today, I mean last night, because I always post my blogs the next morning when I write them at night (OCD much?). But really, it’s been that way for a few days, so I imagine that Wednesday morning will probably yield more of the same.

I was catching up on blogs Monday and ran across a blog from Mindy, a blend I met at Healthy Living Summit. She posted a blog in the newish “coffee date” format, and I thought it was fun. Plus, let’s be honest – I love coffee. Most people who know me will tell you that. Last, I kind of feel like chatting about a number of different things, so I thought I’d try this format out for today and see how I like it.

StarbucksSo, if we were having coffee, I would tell you that I am just tearing through books lately. Not all of them are deep, let me tell you, but I have just been so into stories. I finished out the Penryn & the End of Days series. I found the first a couple years back on my way back from Blend through an e-book download, and something made me think about it again lately, so I looked them up again. I’m totally into supernatural business, and some forbidden love? #guiltypleasures for the win. I’ve also picked up the books that True Blood are based on, and I’m about halfway through the second book in the series. Can I tell you how different they are than the tv show? It’s crazy! Then, I’d ask if are you on Goodreads. I’ve been loving it lately.

After a couple more sips, I’d share some pics from my phone and let you know how impressed that I have been with the possibilities of long weekend vacations. We’ve done a couple this summer – one to Okoboji, and one this past weekend, to Omaha. I’d never really considered just how much you can fit into a weekend away. Of course, it’s also super more affordable than a week long trek somewhere. If you live in the Midwest, you have access to some awesome places within driving distance.

Halfway through my Americano, I’d start to tell you how … un-progress-y I’m feeling lately. It’s not unmotivated. I feel plenty motivated. It’s just that nothing I’m working on (outside of my 9-5) has a real due date these days. After planning a trip to Kenya, then a wedding, then going all-in on a six week summer class, I haven’t stopped running for six months. And, although the break after has been nice, I definitely am starting to become restless. Now, in two weeks, fall semester starts, and some other non-profit activities I’m involved in start to ramp up again, but for now — I’m just kind of hanging out. Just ask my husband … I’m really, rather bored.

Finishing my drink (and contemplating another), I’d probably try and see if you were going to do any local races this fall. The running bug has hit me again, but I’m trying to decide how far to push it. A half? Just a fun 10k? I’m pumped about the upcoming Living History Farms race, one of my favorites. It’s not super soon, but registration will open before we know it. So you’ll let me know if you register, right?


Ah … now that was a good cup of coffee. Don’t you think?

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