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Working Out While Traveling {Making it Work!}


It seems like I’ve traveled about every weekend for the last month. Looking at my calendar now, it’s not just my imagination — I’ve had one weekend that I’ve been entirely home in that time. That’s summer for you though; if you’re anything like us, you’re always going, going, going! It might seem a little crazy now, but I know that when it’s negative ten degrees and there’s three feet of snow on the ground (say it will never come!) I know I won’t regret all the weekends we spent traveling to see family and friends. 

One thing that I do that seems to surprise some, when I travel, is the effort I make to workout. If you’re traveling on a regular basis (and used to daily workouts) it’s pretty hard to take a weekend entirely off. And to be honest, I just feel better when I get those workouts in! Over the years, I’ve figured out a few tips for doing it efficiently and effectively. It doesn’t need to be that hard. So today, I’m sharing my tips with you!

Pack Your Suitcase Smart

Pack Your Suitcase Smart

Nobody likes someone who brings a whole extra bag of workout gear. Keep the packing light! I’ve found, especially in the summer, I can get away with multi-use clothes. For instance, if you’re just staying one night, wear your gym shorts to sleep, then to the gym. If you’re going to the beach, the cover-ups you’re wearing can probably be used later in a workout. Think creatively! And, be honest. Do you really need to switch some elements of your workout gear? If you’re there for two days, you can where (at least) the same shorts for two workouts. I promise no one will know — and I won’t tell!

Find a Place to Workout

Find a Place to Workout

When I’m going somewhere new, it’s usually pretty easy for me to find somewhere to work out — with a little planning. I try purposefully to find hotels with any kind of workout center first. If a hotel doesn’t have something (and it’s still a nicer hotel), they often have some sort of deal with a local gym that you just need to ask to know about — a free pass, for instance. If that doesn’t work, I start to look around at local gyms for day passes. The local Y’s often have them! Now, worst-case scenario? Working at in your room. Just make sure that you’re on the first floor – okay?

Use Your Resources

Use Your Resources

Now, it’s time to actually workout. What are you going to do? If you’re a Crossfit addict like me, you’re probably a little at a loss – especially if your hotel fitness center has a treadmill, an elliptical, and some sort of medieval torture device (that supposedly lets you lift weights). Lucky for you, you’re not the first Crossfitter to need a workout without weights. Anymore, I tend to earmark WODs at my box that I know I could do on the road to reference later. But, if nothing comes to mind, a simple Google search is all you need. One of my favorite resources is The Traveling WOD Blog. Now, you might end up wanting to do a couple of those small WODs to make a “full” workout, but you can certainly get it done.

Improvise - Not Compromise

Improvise – Not Compromise

Now, I know it’s easy to say it won’t work. But I promise – you can. There might not be kettlebells to lift. Use a dumbbell! No walls to do hand stand push-ups? Find a (solid) piece of furniture and pink off of it. If you believe you can figure it out, you will. It just takes a little creativity. You don’t have to compromise a good sweat sesh while on the road!


What are your tips for workout out while traveling?

What’s your favorite traveling workout?

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