My Story

My name is Alex, and I love trying new things. I’m a 26 year old midwestern girl (although I never thought I’d admit that) living in Iowa.


About Alex:

I live with my husband Philip in the middle of the city I’ve come to love, Des Moines. By day, I’m a marketing director for a web design & development firm. By night, I’m a crossfitting newlywed trying to capture the most there is in life.

The Blog

Although I’d like to say my love of new things led me to this blog, that’s not entirely true. In 2012, after several years of blog stalking, I decided to turn a new leaf and see what it was like to run my own blog. After all, how hard could it be? I decided I wanted my topic to be trying new things – to use the blog as a catalyst to keep my post-undergrad life exciting and new.

I quickly learned there was more to it than just throwing some words on a screen. But as I learned more about blogging, I learned more about myself, too. I learned I was capable of running a marathon, speaking in public, competing in crossfit, and inventing a recipe (although that one doesn’t happen too often). In general, I learned that I was braver than I ever thought I was.

Now, this blog is all about my life. From my quest to try new things, to maintaining a healthy(ish) lifestyle while on the go. I’m sharing it with you.

My Interests

Although my foray into fitness started with a 5k, I don’t run much anymore, trading my in my Brooks for Nanos in 2013 when I started crossfit. I love the people, I love the workouts (most of the time) and love to see what new things I can push my body to do. I still do the occasional run, but mostly just for fun, and I rarely race anymore – although I’m certainly not opposed to it.

Outside of fitness, I enjoy traveling, trying new beers, and eating new-to-me foods when I can. Philip and I recently traveled to Kenya to visit his family, a trip I hope to repeat soon. Like any blogger, I also read a lot – news articles, blogs, and my first addiction, books.

Let’s Talk

I’m a freak about social media – it’s by far the fastest way to get in touch with me, and you can find me on Twitter, Facebook, or . But if you’d rather, shoot me a line at Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment on a post or two while you’re here. I promise I’ll reply!