Bucket List

Welcome to my bucket list! This will be the home for every dream, goal, or whim that I want to do in this lifetime. As I accomplish things, I’ll link them to the blogs where I talk about them.

These items are in no particular order, and will always grow. There is no end, and it will never be complete.

  1. Get married.
  2. Travel to Kenya.
  3. Run a 5k. 
    DONE: July 16, 2012 Read about it >
  4. Run a half-marathon. 
    DONE: October 22, 2012 Read about it >
  5. Have a drink at a swim-up bar.
  6. Buy a house.
  7. Start a family.
  8. Build a house.
  9. Go on a cruise.
  10. Tour a brewery.
  11. See the pyramids.
  12. Sew a quilt.
  13. Paint a wall with chalkboard paint.
  14. Grow a garden.
  15. Visit Ellis Island.
  16. Do a pull up (unassisted).
  17. Theme an entire Drupal site.
  18. Learn to and take up canning (at least for a season).
  19. Join Crossfit.
    DONE: October 2013. Read more >
  20. Bottle my own wine.
  21. Learn Javascript.
  22. Design a mobile application.
  23. Stay at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island and eat at the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant.
  24. Participate in the runDisney Half-Marathon.
  25. Go camping (as an adult).
  26. Really learn PHP.
  27. Go paddleboating.
  28. Cross stitch a whole … something.
  29. Become fluent in Swahili.
  30. Learn how to make Grandma’s candy-cane cookies.
  31. Take a class in wine & beer tasting.
  32. Blog about a Kenyan beer.
  33. Run a marathon.
    DONE: October 22, 2013 Read about it >
  34. Take a rock-climbing class.
  35. Brew my own beer.
  36. Visit every continent.
  37. Graduate with my MBA.


Have you done anything on this list? Tell me about it in the comments!


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  2. I want a garden and the ability to do a pull-up, too! Tomatoes and biceps. The finer things in life. :)

    • Haha, I know! I felt a little silly putting a pull-up on there, but dammit, they allude me something fierce. And it seems near-impossible to get a garden when you’re apartment living :(.

      I’ll tell you, though…someday, I’m gonna do 10 pull-ups. And celebrate with a tomato from MY garden.

      • The crossfit goal will help with the pullup goal- take it from someone that has tried a million things and they still elude me- after 2 weeks of crossfit (I am in the middle of 2 months off for other reasons, but I can’t wait to get back!) I was closer than I ever have been!

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  4. LOVE this list!
    Emma recently rocked the world with…A Taste of Greece – Foodie Penpals January 2012My Profile

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