Health & Fitness Disclosure

I am not a certified fitness or nutrition anything. This blog contains opinions and information of what has worked for me. Please consult your doctor before beginning any health or fitness regimen.

Product Disclosure

I love trying new things – obviously, as that’s what my blog’s about.

I occasionally receive free products for review as a result of this blog. I also sometimes receive them as a result of events I may participate in, like races.

Whenever I review these products, I will make it clear that I was given them free of charge or as a result of an event. Rest assured, I’m giving my honest opinion of the product received – I wouldn’t lie to you guys. If I am unhappy with a product that I receive, I will say so in my review, or, I may chose not to review the item at all. Any product compensation I receive will not be reflected in my review of the product(s).

If I purchase a product myself, I may not state that explicitly.


Questions? Email alextriesitout@gmail.com, and I’ll answer them.